kiosken presentation, bergen


In February I packed up Mammary Mansions and flew to my new favourite city ~ Bergen to present my work and meet some of the talented creatives that make up part of this exciting Norwegian art scene.

Kiosken group.jpg

The venue ~ KIOSKEN is the brand new home of Karina Banks London jewellery. It’s a cute gallery/shop space in the heart of the city and they invited me to present my ‘Anatomy Collection’ and run a booby-inspired workshop.

Karina Presentation22.jpg

With only 3 hours rehearsal and the assistance of five heroic and talented ladies we created a beautifully organic movement performance inspired by some of the social themes that run through my work e.g. the pressures surrounding beauty, sexuality and gender roles.


Then we drank wine and I chatted for 20 minutes about myself, my journey from dancer to jeweller, how I made the collection and what’s next for 2019. Then we drank more wine…


The following day I was back at KIOSKEN running my first ‘Anatomy’ wire workshop. Using our sketches of the human form, we took small motifs and turned them into beautiful silver jewellery sculptures.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at KIOSKEN, my fabulous female performers and workshop participants. It was a dream-come-true to choreograph again and so much fun to chat and share skills with you all.